“I asked Natalie to provide a distance healing session for one of my family members who is terminally ill. He was not aware that the session was happening, because he is not the type of person who “believes” in energy healing. But I wanted to give him the session as a way to ease his transition, as we believed at the time that he only had 1 – 2 weeks to live.
Natalie followed up with me after the session and shared information that was of such comfort to my family during this difficult time. She tapped into a deceased family member during the session who actually ended up assisting with the energy healing, and Natalie channelled information through this family member that she could not have known through any “regular” means. She also shared information about various health issues that the recipient was suffering from that I had not told her about.
I feel that the session not only comforted me, but it also served the recipient without him knowing about it. Over the following few weeks, his health improved to a point that he is now stable and he is still alive over one month after the session.
Thank-you, Natalie, for your empathic and compassionate approach, and for sharing the gift of universal love in service to the greater good. Your gifts are much needed in the world today!”
– Bethany B (Distance Reiki)
Prague, Czech Republic

“Natalie is the real deal! I first experienced her healing work over 10 years ago. It was a dark time in my life when I was dealing with a lot of anxiety from multiple traumas. She helped me find myself again, and allowed me to reconnect with my inner child, helping to heal a lot of what I was suffering from. She is not only very knowledgeable and skilled in her field but she truly cares deeply about her work and her love is unconditional. I am so very blessed to have found her!”
– Rachel W. (Distance Shamanic Reiki)
Washington, USA

“I wish more people would get a Reiki session from you to be healed! To be honest, before the session, I had doubts, that was the first time I tried Reiki, especially virtually. After one hour, I am totally convinced, ūüėÄ Reiki works! I didn’t understand how you did it, but when you started working on me, I felt so amazing and loved, all the problems are gone, thanks Natalie!!!
– Lydia L. (Distance Reiki)
California, USA

“Upon the suggestion of a good friend I sought out Dr. Dyer’s services. ¬†This is not something I know much about and therefore went into it skeptical. Much to my surprise I received some wonderful feedback which I found to be on target and very helpful.
Dr. Dyer was able to get me to see how a disturbing childhood experience had clearly impacted my perception in adult life.  Her feedback helped me gain some new perspective, therefore allowing me to develop forgiveness and compassion for myself.
I have reread her affirming words over and over.  Her ability to pin point my strengths and short comings have helped me see myself clearer and encouraged me to work on my issues.
I am a parent of three mentally disabled adult children. Dr. Dyer’s advice has helped me develop new tools to help me through my stressful journey. ¬†I am very impressed by her gifts of intuition and spirituality. Her initial response was prompt. I also felt comfortable with any questions I may have had after receiving her reading. I highly recommend reaching out to her as another means of personal growth and support.”
– Lori Safin (Distance Shamanic Reiki)
Ontario, Canada

“I just wanted to write to say Thank You for your healing touch.¬† It’s been a couple of weeks at least since our session and I can say that my life has improved.¬† I have renewed energy and have¬†made some breakthroughs with my art.¬† Every now and then I reread your notes from the session and glean deeper meaning with respect to my life.¬† Please feel free to add this comment to your testimonials.¬† I will be sure to keep in touch with you for future sessions.”
– April T (Distance Shamanic Reiki)
Kingston, Ontario

“I had gone through a very intense healing event several weeks before I contacted Natalie. Even though the previous experience was amazing, I couldn’t seem to move past the healing crisis stage and was having trouble integrating this new energy into my life. I contacted Natalie, explained what was going on and set up a session. During the session, it was like her Reiki energy allowed all these newly healed parts to vibrate at the same speed – not quite sure how else to put it- so everything calmed down and was able to integrate at its own pace. Her energy was so soft and nurturing, after the “healing by fire” I had gone through, it was exactly what my spirit needed to take the final steps to fully heal what had been broken. Thank you so much Natalie.”
РMadeline (Distance Shamanic Reiki)
Virginia, USA

“I recently contacted Natalie at a time in my life when I did not know where to turn and conventional problem solving methods did not meet my needs. Natalie promptly and genuinely responded to my request to energetically connect with my lost cat Sky in hopes of helping him find his way back home. Her words were validating, accurate, comforting, thought provoking, and heart felt. Her ability to sensitively tune in to the situation, obtain contact in a gentle way, and offer clear suggestions on how to help facilitate a reunion with Sky was remarkable. With the application of distance Reiki, I was reassured that Sky was being nurtured and held in a space filled with pure love and positive regard. From a place of caring and a natural desire to help, Natalie supported me through a questioning period and acted as a reassuring guidepost. Natalie‚Äôs knowledge of states of consciousness, alternate dimensions, quantum fields, and animal guides, coupled with her openness to universal connections, allowed her to successfully utilize and tap into a wealth of information. She identified, acknowledged, and celebrated messages and signs presented to her, as if guided by Spirit. Blue Jay played an active role in this case and when Blue Jay feathers appeared to both Natalie and I over the course of our search for Sky, I knew something special had occurred. Feathers served as affirmation that we were on the right path. Sky has since been happily reunited back home and I believe that Natalie‚Äôs involvement played a significant role in bringing us together again. Words cannot adequately convey how much I have been impacted by this experience and how thankful I am that this difficult situation was transformed into a new co-created reality, one I will always remember and cherish. I strongly recommend Natalie for services related to spiritual healing, growth, and exploration and could not have come through this without her. Thank-you Natalie!!!!”
РTara S. (Animal Reiki)
Bobcaygeon, Ontario

“I’ve had several other Reiki treatments in the past, but Natalie’s was unlike any other! I felt waves of energy & current passing through my body, and a electrical “static” feeling in my face. When I woke up I felt an intense itch along my jawline and neck, where my cystic acne was, within a week my acne was GONE! It’s been 3 months and still no return! This is real! Everyone needs to feel the peace and love that Natalie provides!
– Amber P. (Hands-on Reiki)
Cobourg, Ontario

Natalie is extremely gifted as an energy healer as she calls herself. I had in the past other healing treatments but she stands out. Natalie managed to seal my aura, brought my chakras in balance, did a power retrieval and most important reunited me with my power animal.
I recommend her to anyone who feels ready for an energy healing.”
– Koen (Distance Shamanic Reiki)

“I received Distance Reiki from Natalie and it was the most effective healing session I’ve ever experienced, even more effective than the Reiki I’ve received from other practitioners in person! I didn’t know exactly when she was starting, just that it would be while I was in bed. Suddenly I started to feel a powerful cooling sensation over the areas that hurt the most, and after awhile the pain was completely gone and I was left with a relaxing feeling of being unconditionally loved and protected. All of this allowed me to get some much needed rest. Later when I checked my messages, there was a message from Natalie saying that she was about to begin- right before I started to feel it! I know without a doubt that Natalie is a most skilled healer and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! If you need Reiki, get it from Natalie!! She’s not only a great healer, she is a beautiful, kind and gentle spirit that just emanates love & sincerity. She is truly an Earth Angel and I’m so grateful to have met her!”
– Katie P. (Distance Reiki)
Phoenix, Arizona

“I just want to start by saying Thank You!¬†Natalie is a very gifted, talented, intuitive and caring Reiki Master.¬†This was my first energy healing experience and I felt relaxed, warm and glowing with energy! Thank you so much for your soft healing hands. The whole experience was wonderful and amazing.”
– Teresa H. (Hands-on Reiki)
Oakville, Ontario

An amazing experience, Natalie is fantastic!! If you would like to try and experience Reiki, I would not recommend getting a treatment from anyone else!!!! It feels so good!!!!!! Try it!”
– Monica M. (Hands-on Reiki)
Toronto, Ontario

“Natalie is as sweet, kind, and caring as she is beautiful. She has a done a couple distant reiki healings for me. The one I remember most is Natalie‚Äôs healing lifted the severe vertigo I had been living with for 6 weeks! Absolutely life changing!
And after the first healing she did for me, I told her I could feel a finger moving across my forehead, which was the exact pattern she was tracing on my forehead 8 hours drive from me! I could feel on my body what she was doing so many miles away!
– Blanche N. (Distance Reiki)

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